For or Against The Legalisation of Hard Drugs


When it comes to controversial topics such as this, both the arguments for and against can be very sound, strong and even surprisingly sensible at times. But even after hours of discussion, no one common opinion is reached. One thing is for certain – there are always two sides to a serious issue. In the case of hard drugs and whether they should be legalised or not, no two opinions are the same because there are a lot of factors to consider.

Health Problems and Side Effects

Drugs like heroin and cocaine are not only highly addictive but they have a number of side effects such as weight loss, infections, loss of menstrual cycle for the women (etc.), seizures, mental changes, hyperventilation (etc.) and so on. Hard drugs are difficult to let go of, even as their use and abuse brings addicts dangers to their overall health and sometimes even their lives. The dangers of drug use are further explored behind the link here.

Personal Choice

As complicated as this issue is so far, when individuals are concerned, it becomes even more layered.

People report a range of different reasons for ever doing hard drugs, such as family issues, problems with self esteem, general unhappiness and so on. After reading such personal stories one might stop and wonder, are any of the reasons people have to do drugs understandable? Even without being personally interested in doing drugs, is one still able to relate to the problems of coping with a difficult life? Should drug addicts, as most other people, be left to their own advances – to be able to make their own choices in life, even if those choices are to use hard substances to elevate their pain? When you are outside of the problem, it is easier to judge, but perhaps being disconnected from it also doesn’t give you the right to say what is right or wrong for people. Maybe they should be allowed to make their own choices. Surely, legalising drugs would do just that? Enable people to buy drugs freely. Except that many already do.

Easy Access to Illegal Drugs

Drug dealing has been a wide known fact for a long time, but most people associate it with shady dark alleys or secret meetings and exchange of cash for the drug. With some semi-recent facts coming to light, we can see that it goes beyond that frequently intimidating process and into something very familiar and easy. Shopping online.

A website named Silk Road, inaccessible without the use of a software that makes your IP and browsing history untraceable, allows people to browse and purchase drugs with incredible ease and no consequences. It has earned a number of ‘funny’ nicknames, including ‘The Amazon of Drugs’ and ‘The Ebay of Drugs’. Thousands of users buy drugs from the website and have them delivered to their door without the risk of being caught or arrested due to the incredible process of anonymity. Clearly, people have got creative when it comes to the distribution and purchase of drugs. In 2010, Daily Finance compiled a list of roughly 10 other websites that give access to illegal substances.

Doesn’t this go to show that when people wish to buy drugs, even the law is unable to stop them? And with this, comes the next question – does this make the law .. irrelevant?  With or without it, people are still purchasing drugs, so maybe it is a better idea to legalise hard drugs and stop the war on drugs in general.

With roughly 20 million Americans using hard drugs in the span of one month, every month, every year, what good does it do that drugs remain illegal? Because it sure doesn’t stop people from dealing in the streets, selling online and purchasing drugs whichever way they can.

Many questions surround this issue, and perhaps always will. But if we stop for a moment, we might look for the truth in this one question – What would change if hard drugs were made legal? The answer to that question might lead to hard drugs being legalised all over the world. Or not.

What is your view on this topic?

Maria Tsaneva


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3 thoughts on “For or Against The Legalisation of Hard Drugs

  1. No one will ever be able to give a solution to this double view about drugs. Legalize drugs would mean to let everyone buy them as they were an ordinary thing.. which they aren’t but still.. the fact that a lot of people buy them already anyway seems to be ironical. I have to say though.. I’ve been personally following some friends who used drugs for a while and.. the only reason they stopped was the fear of doing an illegal thing that puts lot of people in prison every year.. So yeah.. probably drugs should remain illegal as they already are.

  2. This is indeed a very interesting and difficult debate. Drugs are inherent to society : there has never ever been one civilization with no drugs. It’s a public health problem.

    When one acknowledges the profit some make with drugs, one cannot help but wonder why governments don’t legalize them so they could actually capitalize on it, instead of spending billions worldwide on the war on drugs. So many people are involved in drug traffic accross the world, which enables the financing of guerrillas and wars. So if drugs were legalized, perhaps cartels and other groups using drug traffic to support unlegitimate activities would have less power.

    Of course, legalizing drugs would inevitably lead to more health problems. We already have to deal about acohol and nicotine consumption and the illnesses that arise as a result of it, so it would be stupid to handle more problems. Plus, as the author of the previous comment pointed out, majority of the people who do drugs stop because of a matter of illegality. I guess some drugs, such as the natural ones (marijuana, coca yields, magic mushrooms) should be legalized or at least decriminalized. Other drugs, like heroin or cocain, should remain illegal even though it won’t stop people from using it. However, we can find equivalent of those drugs legally : amphetamines can be prescribed to people who wish to lose weight or to people who have attention-deficit, heroin (well actually, morphine) is also prescribed to cancer patients. So, I don’t know what could be the solution to handle this issue. I guess governments should focus on dismantling drug networks and thus the big guys who truly profit from it, instead of waging war against drug consumers. But, I think some governmental officials or militaries are involved as well in drug trafficing. People are corrupted.
    Our society is just ill.

    I didn’t know some websites were actually offering the possibility to people to buy some. Technology can be perverse.

    Once again, very interesting article. Waiting for other people’s reactions to comment.

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